How to calm a hyper puppy

How to calm a hyper puppy


As an animal behaviorist and pet expert, I have been asked countless times about how to deal with a hyperactive puppy. Puppies are naturally energetic and playful creatures, which is part of their charm. However, when your puppy’s energy levels seem to skyrocket beyond control, it can be quite challenging for you as a pet owner. The good news is that there are several strategies you can use to calm your hyperactive pup down.

Understanding Puppy Hyperactivity

Before we delve into the solutions, it’s crucial first to understand why puppies tend to be so hyperactive. Puppies are similar to human children in many ways; they have lots of energy and curiosity about the world around them. This boundless energy is a normal part of their development process as they explore their environment and learn new things.

However, sometimes this high-energy behavior can become excessive due to various factors such as lack of exercise or mental stimulation, breed-specific traits or even health issues like ADHD in dogs.

Provide Enough Exercise

One primary reason why puppies may become excessively energetic is lack of physical activity. Just like humans need regular exercise for optimal health and well-being, so do our furry friends.

Ensure that your puppy gets plenty of exercises daily according to its age and breed requirements. This could include walks around the neighborhood or park visits where they can run freely under supervision.

Keep in mind that different breeds have different exercise needs; some require more vigorous activities while others do well with moderate ones. It’s always best to consult with your vet or a pet expert if you’re unsure about how much exercise your pup needs.

Engage Their Minds

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity for puppies’ overall well-being. Without enough brain work-outs, puppies may resort to destructive behaviors out of boredom.

There are numerous ways you can engage your puppy’s mind. Training sessions, for instance, not only help to instill good behavior but also provide mental stimulation. You could also invest in puzzle toys that challenge your pup mentally.

Establish a Routine

Puppies thrive on routine. A structured daily schedule helps them understand what to expect at different times of the day, which can significantly help reduce hyperactivity.

Your routine should include specific times for meals, exercise, training sessions, playtimes and rest periods. Stick to this schedule as closely as possible and soon enough; you’ll notice your pup becoming calmer as they get used to the routine.

Teach Calmness

It’s crucial that you teach your puppy how to be calm from an early age. This involves rewarding them whenever they display calm behavior and ignoring or redirecting hyperactive behaviors.

For instance, if your pup tends to jump up and down excitedly when they see you come home from work every day, wait until they calm down before giving them attention or treats. This way, they’ll learn over time that being calm earns them rewards while being hyper doesn’t.

Consult a Professional

If despite implementing these strategies your puppy remains excessively hyperactive or their behavior starts affecting their health or quality of life negatively it might be time to consult a professional such as an animal behaviorist or vet.

A professional will be able to assess whether there may be underlying health issues contributing to the hyperactivity and guide you on appropriate interventions based on their findings.

Remember patience is key when dealing with a hyperactive puppy. With consistent effort using these strategies coupled with lots of love and understanding for your furry friend’s needs; it won’t take long before you start seeing positive changes in their behaviour.

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